New Beginnings in a New Year

As this day begins I find myself in different surroundings than I've been. 2020 brought such change, a new city miles away from where I grew up and a situation that just was horrible for so many, the pandemic. 2021 brought a new job that was different than what I've done for more than two… Continue reading New Beginnings in a New Year

A Journey to My Norwoods – Part 1

What's on your mind? So asks Facebook. I don't usually answer that question, but I thought I'd answer with a troubling query of my own. Then I decided to post it to Twitter but that didn't feel very comforting. So, here is my blog post on that subject. Well let's see right now what is… Continue reading A Journey to My Norwoods – Part 1

Happy Birthday

I started this on February 5th...just never finished it. Today would've been my Mom's 78th birthday. Even though we lost her a few months after her 75th, I still can't believe she's gone. The impact she had on my life and that of my siblings was astounding. She taught us so much and for the… Continue reading Happy Birthday

Week 1 of 2020: Fresh Start

The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, week one is Fresh Starts. In honor of ancestors who've taken the huge step and traveled far and wide to make a fresh start, I've chosen my 10th great grandfather, Robert Cole. He came to the New World to get away from the religious persecution of the Church… Continue reading Week 1 of 2020: Fresh Start

My DNA Results: Part One – Genes for Good

I have tested with Genes for Good. The University of Michigan has set up a genetic health study that you can find on Facebook by entering their name in the search and choosing the app; I've also included the link here, Genes for Good. It's very straight forward and simple, you answer a few questions… Continue reading My DNA Results: Part One – Genes for Good

Mancinas and Aleman Family Info

I've been working to get my tree up on Ancestry and have it kinda sorta done to some degree. I'm filling in the blanks on my mother's line, the only one I've had any real luck researching. Although I do have some gaps, just not as catastrophic like my father's line and I would swear… Continue reading Mancinas and Aleman Family Info