Family and my search

It is my hope to connect with different members of my relatives, whether distant or close in relation. I have been researching my genealogy for many years. I have found many ancestors on my mother’s side of the family, even connected with a few cousins…some many times removed and some close in relation.

But I’ve yet to connect with members of my father’s side. I have found his mother’s family, even contacted some of her relatives, but they seem disinterested in getting to know me or my family. It seems that she may have had a falling out with her family. I have hit a brick wall in trying to find his father’s family, well even location him for that matter.

Hopefully with this blog I can find more family and connect with them. Plus I’ll have fun sharing the stories of my search, the woes and excitement of discovery, for the different lines I’m researching. Not just my family but also my children’s father’s family.

9 thoughts on “Family and my search”

    1. That is where I was for almost two months after going back and forth with who to use. I was told that Blogger was easy and all but I couldn’t figure it out. So after setting up with them and connecting my email to my Google+ and all that jazz, I went with this. Best advice that was given, just write and don’t worry about what it says, you can always go back and edit. Write like you would in a diary, as it’s kind of like one but one that everyone can see. Good luck with yours and I hope you can get past that first hurdle ☺


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