My DNA Results: Part One – Genes for Good

I have tested with Genes for Good. The University of Michigan has set up a genetic health study that you can find on Facebook by entering their name in the search and choosing the app; I’ve also included the link here, Genes for Good.

It’s very straight forward and simple, you answer a few questions from their surveys so they can get a sense of what and where your health is. You have these daily questions that they require you answer as well. Once you’ve answered their allotted amount of health surveys and daily questions, you are then eligible to give them a spit sample, if you want. As part of the genetic health DNA testing they also give you your autosomal results. Since this is a free service it does take quite a bit longer than the paid services. Mine took seven months from the moment it said I was eligible until I received the results from the spit sample.

Once I received the email saying my results were in, I was able to get my raw data. First I uploaded them to Promethease, which cost about $10 for 45 days’ access to your report and also Codegen, which doesn’t cost anything but there’s a time limit on your report as well. Both of these give you your health results which is good if you’re predisposed to certain genetic diseases because these will tell you if you are at risk.

Unfortunately for me the only genealogy web site I could upload my DNA to was GEDMatch. After spending some time trying to figure out how to get my data uploaded, I originally got it uploaded to the Genesis side of GEDMatch, I was finally able to get my DNA uploaded to the regular GEDMatch, but only after getting some assistance. I think having it on both sides is good for me, as those with 23andMe can’t upload to the regular site anymore which is why Genesis was created. So I now have a list of matches from both to go through. I created a PDF of my matches so that I could export them to Excel. This gave me a way to sort my matches so that I could see who had the best results verses the ones that were not such a good match. It is quite intimidating to see the amount of matches, even though I’ve learned from others that my list is minor compared to theirs. Yet it is my hope to be able to have contact with these matches and see where it leads me on my search for family.

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