New Beginnings in a New Year

As this day begins I find myself in different surroundings than I’ve been.

2020 brought such change, a new city miles away from where I grew up and a situation that just was horrible for so many, the pandemic.

2021 brought a new job that was different than what I’ve done for more than two decades…again thanks to the horrible circumstances of the pandemic. But I grew into the position and loved every minute of it.

2022 was going ok until the end. Then more changes during a time I didn’t really like but was beginning to changing my mind about. So here I sit in Tijuana, Mexico since Christmas Eve with my life changing again for 2023.

Would I have envisioned this when thinking about what I would be doing once my kids were grown and adults in life? Nope!!!

Would I have fathomed spending time in another country, even a border one, waiting for the next chapter of my life to begin? Nope!!!

As a kid I grew to hate change because when I was 8yrs old changes abounded my life and I was forever scarred by all that happened that year.

As a young adult, and a Mom for the first time, I had nothing but changes and I grew to resent the ever-shifting changes life brings.

As a middle-aged adult change once again gripped my life but this time I rolled with it better than I expected I would. My kids on the other hand didn’t and so we stayed stagnant for a decade. Life once again decided to deal with that ever-revolving door and this time I didn’t fare well.

But in these last two years with all the upheaval I’ve experienced, I’ve heard worse tidings from the people I spoke to for my job. So I’m very grateful for the changes I’ve had. I don’t resent all the many things that have happened in my life anymore.

So here I sit on the dawn of a new year awaiting what changes will be in store for me.

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