Week 1 of 2020: Fresh Start

The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, week one is Fresh Starts. In honor of ancestors who've taken the huge step and traveled far and wide to make a fresh start, I've chosen my 10th great grandfather, Robert Cole. He came to the New World to get away from the religious persecution of the Church… Continue reading Week 1 of 2020: Fresh Start

A Journey to My Norwoods – Part 1

What's on your mind? So asks Facebook. I don't usually answer that question, but I thought I'd answer with a troubling query of my own. Then I decided to post it to Twitter but that didn't feel very comforting. So, here is my blog post on that subject. Well let's see right now what is… Continue reading A Journey to My Norwoods – Part 1

My DNA Results: Part One – Genes for Good

I have tested with Genes for Good. The University of Michigan has set up a genetic health study that you can find on Facebook by entering their name in the search and choosing the app; I've also included the link here, Genes for Good. It's very straight forward and simple, you answer a few questions… Continue reading My DNA Results: Part One – Genes for Good